The Wedge

There is a thread of dishonesty running through the North Devon District Council at present - this involves certain employees and councillors who seem to think they are untouchable and can lie to and cheat the long suffering taxpayer with impunity.  If an attempt is made to call them to account they simply close ranks, support each other and refuse to communicate with the complainant.  This is dishonest and unacceptable.  To rid the Council of this creeping cancer we have introduced The Wedge!

There are two positions that can be taken with regard to The Wedge which will drive deep to separate the honest from the dishonest within the North Devon District Council.  There is no middle ground!  Below are the names emerging as honest and dishonest following a recent enquiry into lies told to the Local Government Ombudsman followed by more lies as "one lie inevitably leads to another".

It should be understood that the only reason for this campaign is simply that lying and dishonesty by council employees and our elected representatives, the Councillors, is not acceptable!

This quote was found on YouTube - I agree with it!  "If you become aware of a lie and you do nothing to expose the lie then you become part of the lie"

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Acted Honestly

Former Cllr John Moore who did his best to expose the culprits.

Who will be the next honest Councillor?















Acted Dishonestly

Planning Manager Malcolm Easton for his part in a disgraceful planning decision which broke his own planning conditions and for telling lies to try to justify the decision.

Case Officer Jean Watkins for telling lies to support the Planning Manager

Assistant Chief Executive Ann Cowley for closing a complaint procedure without dealing with any of the points raised thereby initiating a cover up

Cllr. Malcolm Prowse for endorsing the cover up.

Monitoring Officer Don Pratt for aiding Cllr Prowse and Cllr Harrison in the cover up

Cllr. Sewell for refusing to assist in exposing the culprits.

Cllr. Mair Manuel for associating herself with the cover up.

Cllr. Chesters for not responding to the letter and CD thereby sanctioning the lies and cover up by default.

Cllr. M. Harrison for endorsing the cover up.

J. A. Sunderland, chief executive, for finding a complaint against Don Pratt to be "not justified" without answering a single allegation of lies and the subsequent cover up and claiming that complaint had already been dealt with by the Local Government Ombudsman.

Cllr. David Worden (Lib-Dem) has been shown the proof of dishonesty within the North Devon District Council but has done nothing to deal with the cheats and liars. - he is therefore guilty of  complicity by default.