Dear Mr Sunderland

Referring to your letter of 5th August ref. JAS/sll. Your response to my complaint is arrogant, disdainful and dishonest. You know very well that the North Devon District Council has been for some time trying to avoid dealing with the lies told to the Local Government Ombudsman details of which appear on my website the North Devon Link. Listed are lies told to the Ombudsman plus other lies which were discovered later the Council has not been able to refute a single allegation of lying nor the covering up of those lies. Your name will now be added to the list those who have acted dishonestly in condoning lies and the covering up of those lies.

Your letter does not answer any of the allegations made in my complaint it seeks to avoid them by supposing the Ombudsman has dealt with the lies and cover up. This is devious and dishonest.

You mention in your letter that the Ombudsman had "an opportunity to examine the response from Council plus the evidence we (the Council) supplied".

Therefore you will supply, under the Freedom of Information Act, this evidence supplied to the Ombudsman and mentioned in your letter that dealt specifically with each of the six lies listed in my complaint of 5th April 2006 which is reproduced below:

1. Mrs Webb stated that "it demonstrates that consideration has been given to using Hares Green as a point of access".

The fact is that the Planning Manager justifies using Moorland Rise as a point of access (planning application No.35910) and recommends approval.

2. Mrs Webb stated that the proposal was "not considered to result in any overlooking"

The fact is that is that the row of bungalows opposite the new development is overlooked both front and back by bedroom windows.

3. Mrs Webb stated that "Access from Moorland Rise has, therefore, been carefully considered but has not been acceptable to the council"

The fact is that the Planning Manager justifies using Moorland Rise as a point of access and recommends approval (planning application No.35910).

4. Mrs Webb stated that "The hedgerow at the turning head in Moorland Rise, whilst adjoining the site, contains three trees which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders"

The fact is there are no trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders in the way of the access from Moorland Rise as indicated by the Tree Preservation Order Land Rear of Underhill dated 18th Dec. 2002.

5. Mrs Webb states that "The design of the access had been provided to minimise any impact on the protected trees within the site".

The fact is that the entrance drive to the new development passes directly over the root spread of an Oak tree which is the subject of a Tree Preservation Order in contravention of item 8 of the planning conditions (Application No.40770).

6. Mrs Webb stated that "There are many locations within towns where sheltered and family housing sit side by side".

Whilst this statement is true it is misleading as the Hares Green/Widgery Drive development is a sheltered retirement bungalow estate with a minimum age requirement of 55 years. It is unique in South Molton!

Include also under this Freedom of Information request documentation from the Ombudsman to confirm your claim that the he has dealt with the lies and the cover up this again must be specific to each of the six points within my complaint.

Yours sincerely,

Gordon Bray.