To the Local Assessment Sub-Committee of the Standards Committee of the North Devon District Council.


On 23rd July 2008 at the meeting of the above committee you will have a unique opportunity to help to expose the dishonesty within the North Devon District Council that has been put into the public domain via the website page

For more than two years the Council has been trying to cover up lying by employees. The complaint against Cllr. Harrison is the latest step in the ongoing process to expose the thread of dishonesty within the North Devon District Council. Councillor Harrison has been given full details, including overwhelming proof of the dishonesty but, instead of dealing with the dishonest employees named on the website, has chosen to connive with the monitoring officer Don Pratt in an effort to conceal the lying and the subsequent cover up.

You can access the website through the home page of the North Devon Link website by following the link "Our Dishonest Council" or you may view a copy of the website from the enclosed CD. You will find all the hard evidence you need of to be able to vote to refer Cllr. Harrison to the Standards Committee. Enclosed are copies of two of the website pages The Wedge and the complaint against Cllr. Harrison. Details of the forthcoming committee meeting are also included on the web pages, which will continue to make public the dishonesty that the Council is trying to cover up.

You will see that Nick Harvey MP. has been and continues to be involved. He has seen the same evidence that you all now have and has come to the conclusion that the allegations are well founded and justified. You may also care to consider this if there was no validity in the allegations of dishonesty made public on the Internet then the Council could easily have called upon the legal department to force the removal of the web pages. They have not done so!

Finally Gentlemen, you will all need courage to vote against powerful but dishonest individuals - but they know the game is up and they are worried very worried. Join with me and send Harrison to the Standards Committee the only alternative open to you is to follow wimp-like in his footsteps and be remembered for protecting the cheats and liars within the North Devon District Council.