Cllr Harrison has brought his office into disrepute by:

  1. Abusing his position of trust.
  2. By condoning dishonesty within the North Devon District Council by associating himself with lies and the covering up of those lies.
  3. By using invalid excuses to avoid his responsibility as employer representing the electorate.
  4. By refusing to deal with dishonesty among employees.


Cllr. Harrison’s claims that the lies were dealt with by the Ombudsman and the Council’s complaint procedure are invalid. The complaint to the Ombudsman was about a planning matter (see below) – the Ombudsman’s office has never been involved in the Council Lies complaint:

The complaint made using the Council’s Complaint procedure about the lies told to the Ombudsman by the Council was closed by Ann Cowley without addressing any of the six points raised – copies of letters on the enclosed CD. Therefore neither of these reasons can be used for claiming the Council has already dealt with the matter. Note that the Council cannot provide any documentation to show that the lies have been dealt with and have not been able to refute a single one of the claims of dishonesty as listed on my website and the copy CD. sent to Cllr Harrison.

Subsequently even more lies came to light – as an example one by Jean Watkins. When access was approved from Hares Green into the site rear of Underhill the drive crossed the root spread of a tree protected by a preservation order thus infringing a planning condition. When I made a complaint about this Ms. Watkins stated in a letter that it was the first she had heard about this tree. However she had been sent a memo predating the planning decision by Andrew Tucker telling her all about the difficulties of this tree being in way of the access from Hares Green. The tree and the route of the drive were also clearly marked on the site plans.

The lies together with supporting evidence from the Council’s own documentation appears on my website at and a copy CD was sent to Cllr. Harrison. Therefore he has full knowledge of all the lies and the cover up.

A CD with the updated Council Lies section of my website is enclosed. The updating is limited to recent events – details of the lies, the cover up and all supporting documentation as submitted to Cllr Harrison remains unchanged. Also enclosed is a supporting statement provided by North Devon District Councillor David Worden.