This is a copy of the e-mail sent 5th October 2006 - how will our Councilors deal with the liars?

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Dear Councillor Prowse, I am writing to you concerning a recent planning decision which allowed access from Hares Green, South Molton into a site rear of Underhill.
Following a complaint I made to the Council about this the matter was referred to the Ombudsman - the Council's account of the planning decision contained lies.  I made a further complaint to the Council concerning the lies but none of the points I raised was answered and the complaint process was unilaterally closed by Ms. Anne Cowley.
I am so concerned by the way that certain employees have acted, that I have decided to put the whole story onto my website, the North Devon Link.  So now the whole affair is available to public scrutiny.
There is an item on the South Molton Snippets page at:-
leading to a detailed report at:-
I am sure that, like myself and other taxpayers, you will agree that lying by Council employees is totally unacceptable and that the guilty parties should be subject to the appropriate disciplinary action.
Yours sincerely, Gordon Bray.

Here is Malcolm Prowse's response dated 13th October 2006: -

Dear Mr Bray
I have passed your e-mail on to the Monitoring Officer for his views.
You make very serious accusations against staff and I feel that such public complaints deserve a full answer.
I will respond when all the facts are to hand.
Yours sincerely
Malcolm Prowse

The follow-up e-mail was sent on 29th November 2006:

Dear Councillor Prowse,  when may I expect a reply from you concerning the lies told by Council employees as detailed on my Website?
Please note that I have requested a read receipt.
Sincerely, Gordon Bray.
This is the e-mail sent to Cllrs. John Moore and Susan Sewell dated 4th Jan 2007: -

Dear Councillors, you may recall that I sent you both copies of e-mails (5/10/2006 & 29/11/2006) sent to Cllr. Prowse regarding lies told by council employees as detailed on my website the North Devon Link.  The second e-mail, a signed for copy of which was sent to Cllr. Prowse via the community council office in South Molton was ignored.  I must conclude that Cllr. Prowse has no wish to deal with the dishonest council employees named on my website nor with the cover-up by Mrs Cowley.

I am sure that as responsible and honest representatives of the taxpayer you will agree that this is totally unacceptable and I ask you to take this matter up on behalf of the electors, the taxpayers and myself who have all been let down by Cllr. Prowse and the lying employees named on my website.
All the evidence, which comes from the North Devon District Council's own documentation, is available on the North Devon Link at: -
I will be happy to supply any further information you require.
Looking forward to hearing from you, Gordon Bray.

This is the belated response by Cllr. Prowse to my e-mail of the 29th November 2006.

I have asked for a copy of the Monitoring Officer's response to Cllr. Prowse's request for his views - see the e-mail of 13th October 2006.  Let's see how this remarkable conclusion was reached by Cllr. Prowse!  He has apparently sided with the lying council employees - if this is actually the case then his integrity as a Councillor let alone as the Council's Leader is, in my opinion, open to question.

Another remarkable letter from the Council today (24th Jan 2007).  The copy of the Monitoring Officer's views, according to the Legal Services Department, does not exist!  What exactly is going on in the North Devon District Council?  Did Cllr. Prowse pass my e-mail of 5th October 2006 on to the Monitoring Officer (Don Pratt).  As Cllr. Prowse has admitted in his e-mail of 13th October 2006 the accusations are "very serious".  So why no written response from the Monitoring Officer?  Who is trying to cover up the lies told by the planning employees which have been exposed using evidence from the Council's own documentation reproduced on this website?  I have e-mailed Cllr. Prowse asking for his comments with copies sent to Cllrs Moore and Sewell 24th January 2007.  No response from the Leader!

Continuing the enquiry into this remarkable letter I have asked the Legal Department of the Council for a copy of the Legal Advice given to Cllr. Prowse.  Will it exist I wonder?  No - there is no documentation from the Legal Services Department to Cllr. Prowse! 

A quotation that seems appropriate:  "Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks so is he."  Publius Syrus.