8 Hares Green
South Molton
EX36 4SF

28th Sept. 2009

Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP
Secretary of State
Home Office
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF

Dear Mr Johnson,

I am addressing this letter to you, as I understand that your office is responsible for the selection and recommendation of Ombudsmen.

I wish to make complaints against Jerry White, Local Government Ombudsman and Tony Redmond, Chairman of the Commission for Local Administration in England on grounds of dishonesty.

Jerry White lied to my MP, Nick Harvey, in a letter (doc1) by stating that "council lies and cover up" had been dealt with in a previous complaint. The previous complaint mentioned was about a planning decision made to the North Devon District Council and no one was accused of lying or covering up lies during this complaint. I enclose a copy of the complaint (doc2) and the final letter from White (doc3) wherein he deals only with planning matters. There is no mention of lies and cover up.

The complaint about lies and cover up was made later, copy enclosed (doc4). This was a new complaint about dishonesty within the North Devon District Council about lies told by an employee to the then Leader of the Council.

While I understand that you are not permitted to comment on decisions made by the Ombudsman you should be aware that White condoned lies told by his investigator, Patricia Coopey. Copies of a complaint about these lies is enclosed (doc5) together with White’s response (doc6).

I subsequently made a complaint to Tony Redmond about White’s lie to Nick Harvey but he condoned White’s dishonesty in spite of evidence provided. Copies of e-mails enclosed (doc7).

Neither White nor Redmond commented on any of the evidence with which they were provided. It was as if it did not exist – this is not acceptable behaviour by two public employees holding responsible positions. Any complaint must be dealt with on the basis of accepting or refuting evidence – any other course of action is dishonest!

Please understand Mr Johnson that I expect you to deal with these complaints on consideration of the evidence provided. If you need clarification on any point please ask.

The continuing rotten saga of dishonesty, including this complaint, is being reported on my website the North Devon Link at www.northdevonlink.co.uk/council-lies.htm   I enclose a summary of the whole affair as background information (doc8).

I look forward to your response.


(Gordon Bray)