Dear Councillor Harrison,

A month ago I sent you a letter and a CD Ė if you did not receive this please let me know.

Assuming you did receive both, considering the nature of the information, I consider your lack of response to be insulting.

You now have all the evidence to hand from the Councilís own documentation to deal with the employees who lied and the one responsible for the cover up. Taking no action would make you party to the dishonesty within the North Devon District Council thus bringing your office as Council Leader into disrepute. A complaint to the Standards Board must follow.

The responsibility of dealing with the dishonest employees is properly that of the employer, that is the Councillors on behalf of the taxpayers. It is not a matter for the complaints procedure or the Ombudsman!

You will find the current page "Council Lies" including this letter on my website at:

Yours sincerely,

Gordon Bray

This is his reply - a request under the Freedom of Information Act will follow forcing Cllr Harrison to justify his decision.

The following e-mail has been sent to Cllr Harrison:

Dear Councillor Harrison, thank you for your letter of the 19th Feb. 2008.  I believe you have been wrongly advised - therefore please supply under the Freedom of Information Act:
  1. The names of your advisors.
  2. The reasons for their conclusion that each of my claims of lies and a cover up of those lies as listed on my website and the copy CD in your possession are not justified.
  3. A copy of all relevant documentation.
Please note that I have requested a read receipt for this e-mail.
Sincerely, Gordon Bray.

And the response:

Dear Mr Bray




In your letter received 21 February 2008 you requested under the act the following information:

  1. The names of Cllr Harrison's advisors;
  2. The reasons for their conclusion that each claim made on your web site is not justified;

3. A copy of all relevant documentation.

Section 1(1)(a) of the Act requires the Council to inform you whether it holds information of the description specified in your request. In that regard I confirm that we hold the information listed below.

In discharge of our obligations under section 1(1)(b), please find enclosed the information requested.

  1. The advisor to Councillor Harrison, Leader of the Council was Mr D Pratt, Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic).
  2. The reasons are that the allegations made by you have been investigated through the Councilís complaints procedure and by the Local Government Ombudsman and in all investigations, no findings were made in your favour.
  3. The advice was given orally and there are no papers on this matter other a file copy of the Leaderís correspondence with yourself and the Customer Services files on your complaint. Do you require copies of any of these documents? If so, in what format do you wish to receive them?

The information provided to you under the Act is for your own use only and may not be re-used without the consent of the Council.

Should you have any complaint in relation to the handling of this request, you may avail yourself of the Councilís internal complaint process, details of which are set out on the Councilís website:

I am also required to advise you of your right under Section 50 of the Act to apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision as to whether, in any specified respect, your request for information has been dealt with in accordance with the requirements of Part I of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Smart


For and Behalf of

Legal Services Manager

My response to the Leader of the Executive:

Dear Cllr Harrison, referring to my recent Freedom of Information request - the following terms still apply:
"You now have all the evidence to hand from the Councilís own documentation to deal with the employees who lied and the one responsible for the cover up."

Your responsibility as a Councillor, representing the electorate as an employer, is to deal with the dishonest employees within the North Devon District Council.

No matter how many other processes or agencies have been involved this fact remains and failure to act and deal with the guilty parties will result in a complaint to the Standards Board."

If you do not confirm you will take action against the dishonest employees of the North Devon District council I will have no alternative but to report you to the Standards Board.

Gordon Bray