"I remember when Robert Crabb took over as Manager of the Leisure centre and the council found out that he'd lied about his qualifications. Result? Nothing. It was covered up and this person went up and up and took early retirement probably on some ridiculous pension"

"When Tom Barwise retired as asst. director of leisure, he received a huge lump sum plus pension and the Harbour Masters job in Ilfracombe. The post was never advertised, just given straight to him. Isn't that illegal?  I also seem to remember hearing that it was on the same salary as his previous post which would have been about three times what the Harbour Master should have received at the time."

"Some while ago, I remember hearing about a man living somewhere near the Parracombe area who was trying to obtain planning to extend his property to add a 'granny annex' to look after his aging and poorly mum. He'd tried several times but was refused each time. In the end, he gave up, sold the property and bought somewhere more suitable. Within days of selling, workmen moved in and started alterations on the property, modernising it and obviously adding value to it. A resident nearby approached the workmen and enquired what was going on. He was informed that they worked for "very prominent councillor's name removed" and the property and been purchased by a "councillor's name removed". Judge for yourself but I can only surmise that some form of planning had been granted in advance or certainly bloody quick! I've heard it rumoured that a Mr. Easton was a good person to befriend. Who knows?"

"there was a cleaner there who'd worked at Civic Centre but wanted to get away from there so he transferred to the Leisure Centre. His reason for wanting to move was "Lady councillors name removed". He was in one of the chambers cleaning- he was where he was supposed to be at the right time- when he heard some noises coming from a side room. When he looked inside, he found "Lady councillors name removed" in an extremely compromising position with a man. I don't know who he was but have to assume he was NDDC or DCC. "Lady councillors name removed" screamed and swore at "employees name removed" and threatened him with all sorts of trouble if he said a word including being evicted from his council house."

"When the council tax was introduced it was a standing joke that the fee they paid the firm that valued the properties was "Each house for the price of a Kit-Kat" , it was hardly any wonder that valuations varied so much. In fact, I remember hearing that a large percentage was done in an office with an O.S. map!"