Dear Cllr. Daniel, please clarify your position regarding your decision as chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee regarding the Ombudsman's involvement in this matter. (e-mail copy below.)

Gordon Bray.

"hi david

sorry you will not be there on thursday as it might be interesting on the subject of mr bray, as he has already involved the ombudsman in his complaints i feel it is not a matter for o/s unless the ombudsman asks us to investigate as was the case recently with complaints from private landlords.

yours aye


Cllr. Daniel's reply.

"Dear Mr Bray

As chairman of the overview and scrutiny committee it is my opinion that as you have already decided to go to the ombudsman with your situation then we should await their decision. If the ombudsman wishes my committee to look at the situation and report to them then they will ask us to do so. Until that happens there is no cause for my committee to become involved.

Sorry I am a bit late in responding to your email I was away over the weekend

yours aye

Philip Daniel"