This is the Stage Two response from Ms. Cowley - note that she does not answer any of the points raised and then closes the complaint procedure.  This is just an cover-up and is both undemocratic and arrogant!  How can the complaints procedure be "exhausted" when the complaint has not been answered?

Note that this complaint is about misleading information supplied to the Ombudsman by the Council and was made well after the the Ombudsman's verdict which referred to a planning decision.  So how could the Ombudsman have dealt with these six points raised as claimed by Ms. Cowley in an e-mail to me stating "The six points you raise were issues that the Ombudsman would consider as part of their thorough investigation"?  The truth is that the Council could not answer the complaint as they would have had to admit to the lies which were later confirmed anyway after the intervention of Nick Harvey MP.

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