27th January 2006.

To whom it may concern.

Object: - To discourage theft of intellectual property.

I am keen to give permission for my copyright images to be used in all kinds of ways subject to a reproduction fee being paid where appropriate.

However, use of any of my copyright images without my written permission in any publication including but not limited to web sites, books, newspapers, leaflets, flyers, notices, and exhibitions will incur an exceptional fee of 50 for each image reproduced or exhibited. The reproduction fee for book cover use will be 100.

The term copyright images includes printed, digital or electronic images however published or displayed.

Use of any of my copyright images without my written permission will be regarded as acceptance of the above charges and an invoice will be submitted.

Failure to settle an outstanding invoice within a reasonable time will result in a Money Claim for the outstanding amount through the Court Service.

In addition to the above charges I reserve the right to take any other action I consider appropriate. Note that payment of a fee does not permit unauthorised future use of any image, for instance, in reprints or subsequent editions of a publication!

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