This is the complaint against Cllr. Malcolm Prowse sent to the Standards Board on 23rd March 2007. -


Cllr. Prowse has covered up lying by Council employees exposed on my website where each of my allegations is supported by the Councilís own documentation. (See his letter to me dated 8th Jan. 2007.)

Cllr. Prowse has made defamatory remarks against me at a Council meeting on 21st Feb. 2007 by claiming that the allegations I have made were a pack of lies or words to that effect. (See enclosed two e-mails from Cllrs. Moore and Harrison.

By the above actions I accuse Cllr. Prowse of failing to treat me with respect and bringing his office into disrepute contrary to the North Devon District Councilís Members Code of Conduct.

For evidence that employees have lied please refer to my website at: -

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